RRD Fireride V2 LTD

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RRD Fireride V2 LTD


The FIRERIDE V2 has the most accessible range of use to adapt at its best to everyone.
This board gives a precise feel and control to everyone from the very first moments and allows you to step up in level with ease and fun. The more pronounced length than the FireMove and the reduced width make the new Fireride a board inspired by a more classic freeride concept revisited and modernized. In fact, its volume distribution, much more homogeneous than the classic freeride shapes of the past, is micro tuned thanks to the CAD design of the shape which allows you to make full use of its floating and stability capabilities even with light winds or larger sails. The very full rails from tail to nose, allow the board to plane instantly even with little wind and also use larger fins to stay upwind better, assuring the board never becomes physical or hard to control. It is comfortable, planes fast and with superb versatility to suit all levels and type of uses. Thanks to its length, it perfectly adapts to foilwindsurfing, especially when learning and even for a more advanced level. It has been revisited in terms of look and is available in 3 technologies; the new LTD which comes with the new Biaxial Innegra Carbon on the deck, the LTE and E-TECH.


4 shapes to maximize fun and versatility of use Full V double concave hull with flat tail end so to maximize stability, early planing and easy jibing Fuller size rails from nose to tail to maximize lateral stability, reduce drag and increase floatation Available in 3 different technologies: The LTD, LTE and E-Tech for different needs and cost requirements The LTD comes with the new Biaxial Carbon Innegra fiber on the deck and glass bottom Adaptable to wind foil thanks to the FOIL BOX which is available only in LTE and LTD version

Baujahr: 2019
Kategorie: Freestyle Freeride
Versandgewicht ca.: 16,00 Kg

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