RRD Compact Wave HD Rig Pack

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RRD Compact Wave HD Rig Pack ohne Segel

For whatever reason, space is always critical, and that was why the Compact Series was born. In a sense it is the ultimate in simplicity. Everything you need to power your board and enjoy windsurfing, all fitting in side a back pack. The mast comes in multiple sections not only reducing the size, but also allowing different lengths for different sizes of sail. The boom neatly splits in 2 for transportation and included in the back pack is the extension.
  • each backpack can fit: mast (5 piece), boom (2 peace), extension and 3 compact sails
  • additional extender packs to use the Wave Rigs with your Compact Freeride Sails

bild des rigs


Compact Wave Pro 340 - 400 (100% Carbon) 145 / 195 Carbon 35 cm Carbon With wheels 17.5 kg (3 Sails included)
Compact Wave HD 340 - 400 (80% Carbon) 145 / 195 Alloy 35 cm Alloy No wheels 17.8 kg (3 Sails included)
HD Extender
Compact Wave Kit
80% Cabon (to extend
the mast to 430cm)
Aluminium (to extend the
boom length to 170/200)
Pro Extender
Compact Wave Kit
100% Cabon (to extend
the mast to 430cm)
100% Carbon (to extend the
boom length to 170/200)


Sail is not included!!!

Conversion Extender Pack

New for Y25 we added a conversion extender pack, to extend your Wave rig pack and make it compatible with Compact Freeride rigs. This allows for example the addition of a 5.7 Compact Fire to a Compact Vogue quiver. Recommended more for the lighter rider or the smaller sizes of freeride sails, when used for larger sizes or with heavier riders performance can suffer slightly

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