RRD Compact Vogue Y25

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RRD Compact Vogue Y25

The Compact Vogue Y25 takes everything you love about the Vogue, our flagship wave sail, and makes it compact. Control and incredible handling, but in a sail that fits in a back pack. Equally suited to the adventurous ones searching new spots as to the enthusiast who lacks space. No performance compromises, just convenience.

  • Modified battens angles for more support in the top half of the sail and better control at the high end.
  • NEW quick release Compact Series batten tensioner to speed up rigging and derigging.
  • Modified luff curve for a smoother power delivery in the low end.
  • Available in 5.3, 4.6, 4.0, 3.5 to make the perfect quiver to cover everything.
  • Kevlar reinforced anti stretch seams incorporated into the batten pocket construction
  • Diagonal load bearing seams to control Dacron stretch in the main power zone
  • Power-Clew system for huge on the water range
  • Performance Construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio.

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3.5 m2 145/150 347 340 Compact 4 Wave Rig Pack (Additional)
4.0 m2 150/155 370 340 Compact 4 Wave Rig Pack (Additional)
4.6 m2 160/165 407 340 + 60 Compact 4 Wave Rig Pack (Additional)
5.3 m2 171/176 431 340 + 60 Compact 4 Wave Rig Pack (Additional)


Only one sail!!!

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