Duotone Mast Silver Series SDM 70 2024

Duotone's top seller is made with 70% carbon. This saves weight and increases the well-known durability of the masts. All Silver 70 shine with their remarkable performance and low weight at the same time. This is achieved through the use of high quality carbon and the most demanding manufacturing process with "Aerospace Prepreg Technology". The RDM masts here are technically advanced, thin masts with all dynamic advantages. (An RDM adapter is not included.) On the SDM line, the white poly shield protects the mast from scratches, abrasion and overheating. A thicker coil in the boom area provides more support for the boom head. • An additional 10% carbon ensures an even longer service life and increased reflex performance • Carbon content: 70% • Carbon quality: T700 • Resin quality: SENTEX TM • Surface protection: NATURAL-WHITE. POLYAMIDE (SDM masts only) • Bending line: CC (Constant Curve)
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