Vandal Enemy HD 2014 4,5qm C2 purple

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Enemy (HD)

take your wave sailing to the next level with this wave crushing power machine.

The 2014 Enemy will be available in two versions: one with a monofilm window and one with the HD bullet proof version with 100% xply window. Boasting the New High Tech 2ply material to reduce weight while increasing durability and performance, the Enemy is developed as a Power Wave sail with a lot of low end power to make the best out of poor conditions. It will take your wave sailing to the next level.

Vandal proudly introduces the 2014 ENEMY. Coming with an aggressive new outline and sail profile this is the choice for every day at a big wave spot like Hookipa, or at your local wave break. The 2014 ENEMY comes with more power and gets you everywhere you want. A slightly concaved leach design yields perfect perimeter tension. The low clew and soft breathable flex will explode your limits in any side, off or onshore conditions.

listbullet  Available in standard with x-ply / 2ply and monofilm window = ENEMY
listbullet  Top High Performance wave ripper or the 100% X-ply / 2ply version = ENEMY HD
listbullet  Layout for bullet proof wave and hard core conditions.
listbullet  Use of 2-Ply // in upper body for reduced weight, lower swing weight and better response
listbullet  Lower clew grommet position keeps rider square during aggressive bottom turns.
listbullet  Dacron Luff panel provides flat and deep profiles (depend on rigging for wind conditions) and a superior rig elasticity.
listbullet  Fold-back tack patching and silicon batten bumpers keep stitching from grinding on the asphalt.
listbullet  Minimal seams below the foot batten give less chance for wear on board?s non-skid.
listbullet  Heat pressed tack fairing with integral rigging handle protects boards and feet.
listbullet  Super protective sock stitching head to tack keeps you out of the repair shop and on the water.
listbullet  Strap-On system keeps sails organized in the back of your pickup.
listbullet  Light concave leach design yields perfect perimeter tension.

Mast IMCS Luff Boom Extension Head








3.3 370 RDM/SDM 17 340 139 0 vario
3.7 370 RDM/SDM 17 364 143 0 vario
4.0 370 RDM/SDM 17 376 150 6 vario
4.2 370 RDM/SDM 17 386 155 16 vario
4.5 400 RDM/SDM 19 401 159 1 vario
4.7 400 RDM/SDM 19 410 163 10 fixed
5.0 400 RDM/SDM 19 416 164 16 fixed
5.3 400 RDM/SDM 19 424 173 24 fixed
5.7 430 RDM/SDM 21 437 177 7 fixed
6.2 430 RDM/SDM 21 445 188 15 fixed

Einsatzbereich: Wave
Baujahr: 2014
Versandgewicht: 6,00 Kg

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