Tabou Coolrider 2022

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Coolrider 2022

Making the progression in windsurfing fun and easy is the main goal of the Coolrider.

Families, kids and upcoming windsurfers will appreciate the Coolrider just as much as windsurfing schools.

The Coolrider does not only offer great stability, due to its large volume, but also provides control and maneuverability thanks to the relatively small rails. The Coolrider 230 version features a double deck in the tail for extra maneuverability despite the large volume.

Windsurfing schools from all over the globe constantly provide our development team with their feedback, allowing us to further improve our beginner board. Each Coolrider has a soft EVA foam deck that is comfortable, when climbing onto the board to uphaul or just play around with the family. Rubber protects the board from damages through rocks and a handle at the nose makes the Coolrider easy to carry into the water. This board will not only accelerate your progression in windsurfing, but also offers a fun platform for light-wind summer days with the family and friends.

Tabou Coolrider

Tech Specs

160 266 76 160 13.7 Power box Daggerbord
190 280 80 190 14.0 Power box Daggerbord
230 280 100 230 16.0 Power box Daggerbord

Baujahr: 2022
Kategorie: Freeride Beginner/Kids
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