Starboard WindFoil Aluminium Freeride 2020

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Starboard WindFoil Aluminium Freeride 2020

For those looking for the easiest transition from fin-windsurfing to foil-windsurfing.

A shorter mast provides a lower, safer flight. Large thick wings give stability and low speed lift. It's surprisingly fast, reaching speeds up to 29 knots.

Choose this foil if you want a user-friendly foil, a foil that works with wide tail boards or narrower tail boards and a foil that has a trim similar to classic windsurfing.


Front Wing: Freeride 1100
Tail Wing: Freeride 500
Fuselage: 75
Mast: Aluminium 75cm
Front Wing: Saddle system
Tail Wing: Saddle system
Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect
Mast: Deep Tuttle

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