Starboard Ultra Carbon

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Starboard Ultra Carbon

Our fastest foil for medium to high wind conditions

Mast Fuselage Front Wing Tail Wing
Carbon 95cm Aluminium 75cm Carbon 550cm2 Carbon 255cm2







Wind range:





We found G10 wings and glass fibre wings to flex too much, no matter what we tried. Flex reduces control and stability. Since thicker wings would reduce performance, we chose to make all Starboard Wings in 100% pre-preg Toray carbon. Like for the mast, stiffer wings equal controlled and stable flight.

The shape of our mast has also been optimized for flexural and torsional stiffness. Computer-simulated analysis shows the Starboard mast, by virtue of its shape alone, is already up to 52% stiffer than a traditional mast.

Forget weight, forget flex: foil masts have to be stiff and torsionally rigid to achieve controlled flight. The stiffer, the more stable. And the more stable, the more control and more performance the foil delivers. Starboard masts are built in 100% pre-preg carbon, with forty layers of wrapped high-modulus uni-axial, bi-axial and tri-axial Toray carbon hydraulically pressed, heated and fused into one monolithic mast of incredible stiffness.

Starboard Foils

an open, modular foil platform

Wings, fuselages and masts can be interchanged or upgraded to match rider style, budget, foil racing conditions and sport discipline. We've put together four foil sets ready to fly right out of the box - the Slalom, the Race, the GT and the Ultra.

Assembly Guide

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