Starboard Start 2022

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Starboard Start 2022

Fun Starts Here

Feature-packed with smart ideas and offering the widest shape in the entry-level segment, the Start is a stable windsurf board that makes learning to windsurf and planing in the footstraps easier than ever.

The Rio Windsurf boards at a glance

Popular with windsurfing schools as the first board to teach beginners on: LEARN TO WINDSURF IN 60 MINUTES.

With its exceptional stability, there is no easier board to learn windsurfing on. The contoured deck allows inboard footstraps to be reached easily and in total comfort.

The Start is available in the Rhino construction, built with one mission in mind: to make them as durable as possible for schools - the place where boards are used every day for years.



Contoured Deck Shape

  • With the contoured deck shape, the board is easy to get into the footstraps. It's easy to feel when your feet are in the correct position. It also helps to keep the rider close to the board's centre line: more stability, easier to progress and easier to learn planing windsurfing.


  • With the longer length, the rockerline can be flattened which also allows the board to transition very gradually into planing mode ? smoothly and easily, without the need to overcome an overwhelming power surge.

Retractable Daggerboard & Drake Shallow Fin

  • Fitted with Starboard's Clipperbox system with replaceable and ultra durable lips and a new daggerboard with integrated handle for carrying the board under-arm. They come with a Drake Shallow 41 fin. This compact fin delivers as much power and directional traction as possible in the shortest size. The ideal fin for learning.

Extra Wide Tail

  • The Start's tail is wider than any other entry-level board. This allows it to get planing earlier, at lower speeds and requiring less power. Cut-aways gives the board better speed while planing as well as earlier take off.

Carry Handle

  • A carry handle is conveniently placed on the deck for carrying the board under your arm.

Durable Eva Deck For Comfort / Single Strap Positions

  • The Start Rhino is finished with a durable, grippy and textured deck that is made from high density thermoformed EVA. We've built in just one row of footstraps, the intermediate setting which is ideal for progressing riders, to keep things simple.

Looking for a sail?

  • The Starboard SUP Windsurfing sails are a great addition to any beginner and progression board. It is light, powerful and is an excellent choice for entry level windsurfers because of its versatility and durability.

Board Constructions

Rhino Construction


  • The Start are built in one construction with one mission in mind: to make them as durable as possible for schools and centres. The entire board is wrapped in a thick, tough thermoplastic polymer ABS skin (not to be confused with ASA), with a double wrap around the rails.


Model Technologies Volume Length Width Tail Width Thickness Bottom Shape Footstrap Rows Fins Fin Boxes Fin Range Sail Range Weight
Start M Rhino 238l 284cm 94.5cm 74.2cm 15cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 1 Drake Shallow 41 Tuttle 3 Holes 31 - 70cm 2.0 - 9.5m2 18.81kg
Start L Rhino 246l 286cm 100.5cm 81.1cm 14.7cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 1 Drake Shallow 41 Tuttle 3 Holes 31 - 70cm 2.0 - 9.5m2 19.35kg

Baujahr: 2022
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