Starboard SUPer 10 10'x34" 2011

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The SUPer boards are crafted by Starboard team with a dual purpose in mind. They can be used as SUP boards as well as windsurfing boards. The rider can easily attach a windsurfing sail on the SUPer boards to take advantage of the wind and enjoy a cool windsurfing session. The SUPer 10, also known as the Whopper is part of this series of boards and it is a great all round craft. As a windsurfing board it is very easy to maneuver, it runs smooth upwind and planes without effort. It is perfectly suited for beginner riders.

As a SUP board, the SUPer 10 is perfect for waves and feels very steady. The board offers good speed and excellent maneuverability. It can be used by any rider, regardless of his level. The Starboard SUPer 10 is available in Camo Black, Blue Touch and Slick construction technologies. The Camo and BLue Touch models come with a thruster fin setup and a retractable daggerboard, while the Slick model with a thruster fin setup and a Tuttle box Drake Shallow 410 center fin.

The Camo Black board is built using an Epoxy fiber glass construction and it features a camouflage soft deck finish, the Blue Touch model is also built using an epoxy fiber glass structure, but it features polished blue rails and a non-slip deck finish, while the Slick model features a soft-board construction based on a durable smooth bottom skin and double internal wood stringers structure. The Slick models are also available as SUP only boards. The Blue Touch is the lightest option.

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