Starboard Phantom Race Carbon Reflex Sandwich 2022

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Starboard Phantom Race Carbon Reflex Sandwich 2022

Rocket Science

The most successful, most popular and most advanced windsurf race boards. The Phantom race windsurf board series dominate through sheer technological advantage, with their bat wings, slanted mast track concept and raised sidewalls.

The Phantom Race Windsurf Boards at a glance

New Phantom 377 (376×66.6, 282 litres): The mast track has been moved 3.5cm further back and the daggerboard is closer to the mast track by 1.3cm. This new geometry gives you a more nervous and tactical board and a higher nose trim that allows you to ride over chops upwind and get quicker on the rail. With the new mast track position, both the 377 and 377L are now able to go faster when reaching and going downwind by riding higher on the water and decreasing their wetted surface area. We have also reworked the outline of the new 377 to be more inspired by the 377L, with new bat wings shapes that provide more grip off the fin. Both models come with a new blue mast track system that is easier and stronger to use. The user-replaceable lips continue, making them easy to maintain over time. Available exclusively in Carbon Reflex Sandwich.
Get Ready to Race.


Bat Wings

  • The Phantoms feature the Starboard Bat Wing concept. These Bat Wings offer a wide planing surface at high speeds with reduced drag and more lift at low speeds. This translates into earlier planing, improved upwind tracking, a wider wind range and the possibility to use larger fins.

Slanted Mast Track

  • The slanted adjustable mast track raises the front section to help the board get on its rail even earlier in light winds and sinks the back section to improve control in planing conditions. On the Phantom 377 L and now also on the new 377, the mast track has been moved 3.5 cm further back. Combined with the daggerboard being moved forward by 1.3 cm, it helps make the board more sensitive in light winds and get on the rail quicker.
    Light wind: mastfoot forward, daggerboard down.
    Strong wind: mastfoot backwards, daggerboard up.


  • The Phantom 377 is 19.5 cm thick at its thickest point. The new Phantom 377 L is 4 cm thicker than the Phantom 377. This helps the board to get onto its rails quicker while avoiding the nose to dive and maintaining it above the chops.

Bottom Shape

  • The flat Vee bottom shape of the Phantoms absorbs chop, improves tracking and helps the board roll onto its rail.

Drake Ready to Race

  • The Phantom 377 and Phantom 377 L are supplied with the Drake Race 52 Ready to Race fins. They have an extremely quick and efficient foil with a near vertical rake angle that generates massive power for early planing, accelerations and deep angles.

Retractable Dagger

  • As mentioned above, the daggerboard is placed 2 cm further forward on the Phantom 377 L to help make the board more sensitive in light winds. All Phantoms are supplied with a Drake Daggerboard 78 cm for optimum all-round performance.

Foot Straps

  • The Phantoms are fitted with the next iteration of Drake UltraLight footstraps. These hydrophobic footstraps weigh 99 grams dry, saving up to 232 grams dry and 676 grams when wet. Two layers of Kevlar X-Ply monofilm replace the internal plastic strip to keep the footstrap comfortable, light and flexible and eliminate any stretch.

Are you up for the challenge?

  • Do you want to compete and feel the excitement and engagement of the race classes? Visit the International RaceBoard Class website! Photo credits: Raceboard Class website.

Board Constructions

Carbon Reflex Sandwich


  • 377 and 377L are available in Carbon Reflex, our lightest, most exclusive and a limited-edition flagship construction built with the lightest biaxial carbon.

Model Volume Length Width Tail Width Thickness Bottom Shape Footstrap Rows Fin Fin Box Fin Range Daggerboard Sail Range Weight
Phantom 377 282l 377cm 67cm 49.1cm 19.7cm Flatt Vee 1 Drake Race 52cm Deep Tuttle Box 42 - 56cm Daggerboard 78 6.5 - 9.5m2 14.17kg
Phantom 377L 331l 377cm 67.5cm 49.5cm 23.2cm Flatt Vee 1 Drake Race 52cm Deep Tuttle Box 42 - 56cm Daggerboard 78 6.5 - 9.5m2 15.6kg

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