Starboard Inflatable SUP All Star Airline 2020

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Starboard Inflatable SUP All Star Airline 2020

"Innovation Quality" - das Motto von Starboard SUP spiegelt sich voll und ganz in unseren Airline Boards wieder. Ein Inflatable mit dem Fahrgefühl eines Hardboards zu bauen war immer unser Ziel. Wir verwenden dafür super steifes Material, gewebtes Drop Stich und spannen mit unserem revolutionären Airline System ein festes Aramid Seil vom Finnenkasten über das gesamte Unterwasserschiff. Das Board wird somit nochmals signifikant versteift. Race Handles sorgen für den perfekten Start ins Rennen und alle Airlines dieser Welt, nehmen ohne Probleme dein All Star mit an Bord.

  • Cable tension adjustment point.

    4 different positions to easily set the wanted tension and rebound feeling.

  • Guides the cable at the bow's center line, while creating the perfect nose shape.

    Made from up-cycled fishing nets.

  • Positioned on the deck to increase the stiffness.

  • Creates a sharp edge for the water to release smoothly for optimal glide and speed.

  • To indicate the perfect folding position to put a board into board bag easily.

    The Allstar boards have to be folded and not rolled up.

  • Two inserts to attach accessories like a GoPro, phone holder, compass or GPS

    STAR Mount supplied with every board to attach further accessories.

  • Helps to hold a wider stance for extra stability and helps recover balance with the EVA to push against.

    Provides more control to lean on the rail to steer the board from the midpoint.

    Creates a dug out standing which makes it more versatile to paddle in choppy water as the water.

    Made with EVA so they are lightweight, soft to stand against and flexible when packing.

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    Deluxe Single Chamber
  • Woven Technology / Gewebtes Dropstich
  • Welded Technology
  • Luxuriöse 2000D verstärke Rails mit 3k Kompressionsbändern für noch mehr Kontrolle
  • Verstärkte Finbox
  • Re-Cover Bag:
  • -Mit Rollen, hochwertig verarbeitet, integrierte Paddelhalter und aus recycelten materialien.
  • Tiki Pump:
  • -Verbesserte Effizienz, abnehmbarer Fuß und teilweise aus recycelten materialien.
  • Leash inklusive

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12'6" X 27" X 6" 381 x 69 x 15.2 cm The 27" width has a slightly wider nose for extra pop in choppy water and wider tail for greater control and stability when buoy turning.
Twin stringers on the deck combined with the Airline technology creates the fastest and smoothest glide ever.
14'0" X 24" X 6" 427 x 61 x 15.2 cm 14'0" x 24" ALL STAR is extra fast from the narrow outline, insanely lightweight and now incredibly responsive due to the Airline technology.
The 24" is a real companion for any serious racer. The narrow width is designed for lighter and higher skilled riders
that want the fastest speed from the reduced wet area.
14'0" X 26" X 6" 427 x 66 x 15.2 cm 14'0" x 26" ALL STAR is a popular size for many riders that gives enough stability to be in control when conditions get choppy, yet is fast and glide to cover distances quickly. With the extra responsiveness from the Airline system coupled with the lightweight woven technology, this board will make you question a hard board.
14'0" X 28" X 6" 427 x 71 x 15.2 cm This board has the widest outline which provides added stability so the rider can reserve energy from balancing
and instead use it to maximize the paddle power. The wider outline gives extra control in choppy conditions,
while the flat rocker maximizes glide for the fastest speed on flats.

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