RRD X-Fire Wood V8 108l 2016

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The all new X- Fire range is born from our endless search for the perfect modern racing machine. Countless hours of design and testing has been put by our winning international team in many locations around the world. The result is another thrilling performance from the PWA world champion boards used by Antoine Albeau.

For the V8 series, we present again 5 completely new designs. The goal of becoming faster, easier, bigger wind range and smooth tight jybing radius proved to become a huge success!

In this V8 range we have added a new ballistically fast 108L which will replace the 105 as requested by many riders and shops around the world.

The new racing winning machines are now available also in superlightweight wood construction to increase the lifetime of your board.



? All new outline with the wide point even further back ? Hyper speed & constant power at all times.

? Harmonic volume all across the boards, with less volume in the back and more in front comparing to the V7s ? Early planing, bigger range, easier over powered, explosive exit and early planing after the gybes, increased low end.
? Extremely accurate curve in the out line ? Easier gybes, allowing easy change of carving and direction during jybing.
? Refined scoop rocker line ? smoother ride, top speed, better jybing.
? Refined rail shapes ? increases comfort creates power, better jybing.
? Continuation of our trade mark and industry standard ''TT'' double out line system ? increased control, top end speed.
? ''Contact Patch Technology'' under the ''TT'' tail ? increases acceleration, overall high performance.

Volume Size (cms) Fins R?S?S Weight
80 Lts 235 x 53 No fin delivered 5.0-7.0 5,8 Kgs ±5%
90 lts 235 x 59 No fin delivered 5.0-7.1 6,0 Kgs ±5%
98 lts 235 x 62 No fin delivered 5.5-7,5 6,7 Kgs ±5%
108 lts 235 x 68,5 No fin delivered 6.0-7.9 7,0 Kgs ±5%
114 Lts 235 x 70 No fin delivered 6,2-8.4 7,3 Kgs ±5%
122 Lts 228 x 81 No fin delivered 7.5-9.5 8,0 Kgs ±5%
129 Lts 228 x 85 No fin delivered 9.0-10.0 8,4 Kgs ±5%

Baujahr: 2016
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