RRD X-Fire V11 LTD 108l *gebraucht*

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RRD X-Fire V11 LTD

The royal chain continues!
The X-Fire boards are the most awarded racing machines on the PWA world tour. Under the feet of the 24 times world champion Antoine Albeau and other riders, the X-Fire?s have won countless races, events and world titles.

The new X-Fire V11 boards are RRD?s latest and greatest creation up to date. As usual our relentless R&D team led by Arnon Dagan and Andrea Rosati have put these boards to test in countless different locations and conditions around the world including Hawaii, Italy and Israel.

The advantage of having an in-house custom factory at our home in Italy has proven yet again to be a key feature in the success of this boards.

Baujahr: 2019
Kategorie: Race Foil Foil Compatible Windsurf Foil Board
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