RRD TwinTip LTD V5

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The Twin Tip V5 is RRD's pure blooded long running and highly popular Freestyle Board line. The version 5 brings one new shape into life, the 91lts. This shape has been shortened down to 228 cm to achieve a more free and easy to jump board. It is also changed in the rail profile: a 5 mm extra bevel on the edge of the hull has been added to create a looser, more free sliding behaviour of the board in the water during power manouvers and doubles.

The Rocker line is essentially the same as the previous version, except that we have taken out the small kick we previously had and this keeps the whole tail area of the rocker line completely flat, and therefore the TT V5 is even quicker to plane.

The very end of the tail features the re-introduction of the so called "spock tail shape" that helps while switching stance, and also enables a more central position of the body during landing, and also prevents the board from sinking on its tail.

As the new school style keeps progressing we want to make sure that our shapes follow the latest trends and deliver pure performance support to serious freestyle riders!



Volume Size (cms) Fin RSS Weight
91 230×59,5 MFC GT carbon moulded 18 (PB) 3.3-5.2 6,3 Kgs ±5% 21HCW68L
101 Lts 227×63 MFC GT carbon moulded 20 (PB) 4.2-5.7 6,5 Kgs ±5% 21HCW78L

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