RRD Pocket Rocket Y26 E-Tech 180 Liter

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RRD Pocket Rocket Y25 E-Tech

The Pocket Pocket is an innovative and unique board for windfoiling; only 180 cm in length, it is the most fun and accessible foil board we have developed. It helps to take off earlier, stays up foiling longer and with its 122 lts of volume perfectly floats when uphauling a big sail. Not to mention the practical side of things while you pack up and load the gear in your car! The Pocket Rocket 180 fits inside the booth of any car (even inside a Fiat Panda!) and together with your hydrofoil and compact rig, you can go to the beach as if you have your kite gear and not a windfoiling machine.

  • Unique carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water
  • Board handle on the deck
  • Special concave shape on the deck for a comfortable and performing strapless ride
  • A FOILBOX box for windfoiling and 2 US boxes for sup and wing foiling.
  • Only 180 cm for superior foil rides and easy transport
  • Great for advanced SUP foiling and best wingfoil board

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180 X - X 76 cm 122 l Not Supplied Tuttle Head Foil Box / US SUP Foil Box 3.0 - 7.0 9.0 kg
180 X - X 76 cm 122 l Not Supplied Tuttle Head Foil Box / US SUP Foil Box 3.0 - 7.0 9.5 kg

Baujahr: 2022
Kategorie: Foil Foiling Only Hybrid Board Wing Board Windsurf Foil Board SUP Foil
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