RRD Passion MK VI

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The MKVI is basically a graphic revision and a slight improvement of some details from the MK V version.The Leading edge arch has been based onto an exact section of a circle, making it a closer, more ?delta ? shape leading edge arch. This in combination of a shorter leading edge overall length, has reached and mix of perfect compromise of power handling and stability. The foil shape has remained the same of the previous version, but the leading edge thickness has slightly increased in the central panels, making it an very stiff, very stable support for the whole canopy material. Faster turning speed, perfect presence of bar pressure. The special 3 sqmt version for beginners is also a new design, simplified to the core, with only two struts and a great low end power and stability for newcomers. A must for all kite schools. A small kite that flies well with light wind.

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