RRD H-Fire 91 Pro Y25

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RRD H-Fire 91 Pro Y25

The H-FIRE PRO 91 is a no-compromise race board for foiling. From 5 to 30 knots this is the board to have if you want to be the first one on the course. Early take off, control at hi speed and outstanding upwind performance, this board has an enormous potential for those who want to go beyond their limit. The rocker is optimized for early planing and with specific boxy rails and a wide tail area, the H-FIRE 91 PRO provides a superior pressure potential onto the front wing of the hydrofoil to improve stability at top speeds.

  • Short and wide (225 cm x 91 cm) and with 155 liters is able to take big sails in the lightest wind without any effort.
  • Reduced pad area for maximum lightness and grip.
  • Available in 2 technologies: LTD and LTE
    LTD : as light as possible yet durable for racing. Custom laminated with industry excellence
    SIGMATEX? Spread Tow Carbon 88grms/sqmt on deck and bottom.
    LTE: light and tough edition; wood deck and bottom.

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225 X - X 91 cm 155 l Not Supplied Tuttle Head / Foil Box 6 - 10 m2 9.0 kg
225 X - X 91 cm 155 l Not Supplied Tuttle Head / Foil Box 6 - 10 m2 9.6 kg

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