RRD H-Fire 91 LTD testboad

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RRD H-Fire 91 LTD

The H-FIRE PRO 91 is the board of choice of World Champion Antoine Albeau for the 2018 PWA hydrofoil racing season.

Our new lightwind machine is a mix of super early planing and control at top speed.
The rocker is optimized for early planing and with specific boxy rails and a wide tail area, the H-FIRE 91 PRO provides a superior pressure potential onto the front wing of the hydrofoil to improve stability and upwind performance. The board is only 225 cm long to reduce the occupied area.

Specifically designed to hold the strong forces generated from the hydrofoil, a race sail and rider; the H-Fire PRO 91 has all the features for competing at any level aiming for the first place!

Technical details


H-FIRE PRO 91 LTD 225 X 91 CM 155 LTS TUTTLE HEAD / FOIL BOX 6,0 ? 10,0 9 KGS

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