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RRD Firemove Flight Y25

One board to opt for a foil or windsurf session, the FIREMOVE FLIGHT 135 is a convertible windsurf/foil shape that gets you in the water with minimal conditions. Its max width with pronounced curved outline throughout the whole length of the board, make it a real modern "ONE FOR ALL" kind of board. Just add one sail size and forget about waiting on the beach whether it is windsurfing or windfoiling. Choose a simple solution that covers all your needs.

  • Pronounced curved outline with a winger tail and "retro style" pin nose for best foiling performance.
  • Maximum width of 85 cm to enhance performance for both freeride hydrofoiling and quick planing freeride windsurfing.
  • Specific deep tuttle foil box.
  • Multiple straps set up: outboard for blast and jibe windsurfing and speed hydrofoil use; inboard for added maneuverability and freeride foiling.
  • Available in 3 technologies: the LTD, LTE and E-TECH: LTD: built with Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers deck and glass bottom. Light and stiff. LTE: light and tough single shot technology, wood deck and bottom layup. E-Tech: HD glass epoxy skin on top and bottom with glass crossed fibers. Super durable..

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225 X - X 85 cm 135 l MFC Liquid Pro 44 G-10 CNC Tuttle Head Foil Box 4 - 8 m2 8.5 kg
225 X - X 85 cm 135 l MFC Liquid Pro 44 G-10 CNC Tuttle Head Foil Box 4 - 8 m2 8.9 kg
225 X - X 85 cm 135 l RRD Freeride Fin 46 Tuttle Head Foil Box 4 - 8 m2 10 kg

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