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Innovating a benchmark is never an easy task, but we did it! The 3rd version of the most wanted boards in our range are now out and planing. The Firemove V3 family has gone one step up in every category of use:

  • Early planing: the wider nose shape with a "COTAN" design ( cut off tail and nose) has allowed a more concentrated volume distribution on the nose without the need to thicken up or lengthen the board.
  • Jiibing: the new outline "kink" in correspondance of the one foot tail area, allows the lines of the board to become more parallel and create better jibing potential, especially at hi speed.
  • Top Speed: this tail area reduction created by the new tail outline has also created a better top end speed potential, especially when riding on choppy water.
All in all we have kept the same "easy & accessible " feel of this magic board program, boosting the performance level on every new shape we have re-designed from scratch. The footstraps inserts have kept the possibility to use a more inboard position for choppy water or more "freeride use". These inserts also allow the rider to position themselves in a more outboard position for flat water or "top speed" sailing.



Volume Size (cms) Fin RSS Weight N° Item / Article Code
100 lts 236×68 cm MFC LIQUID PRO 36 g-10 CNC 5.2 - 7.2 7.8 Kgs ±5% 21FM100W
110 Lts 236×74 cm MFC LIQUID PRO 38 g-10 CNC 6.0 - 8.0 8.3 Kgs 21FM110W
120 lts 236×79 cm MFC LIQUID PRO 42 g-10 CNC 6.8 - 9.0 8.6 Kgs 21FM120W
135 lts 240×85 cm MFC LIQUID PRO 44 g-10 CNC 7.2-9.5 9.3 Kgs 21FM135W

Baujahr: 2018
Kategorie: Freemove Freeride
Versandgewicht: 16,00 Kg

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