Quatro Cube 84l 2014 *gebraucht*

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Sailing quite well powered-up in a wide range of conditions.


Fins in the middle were fine in onshore and the wide stance welcome for all sizes in terms of squeaking the max from turns.

"The Cube is Levi's go to board for side to side onshore conditions. A little shorter than the Sphere with more hips in the outline for turning and a fast rocker for early planing. Levi uses this model from Hookipa to Waddell Creek to Pistol River to Baja California and everywhere else."

Outline: Even curved outline. Wide point around front of mast foot.
Deck: Flat, rolling away from heels to rails.
Rail Profile: Tucked from nose, sharpens-up by rear fins.
Bottom Shape: Shallow and even double concave in nose, deepening under mast track. Lessening at front straps blending into rolled vee forward of fins, tailing off at stern.
Rocker Line: Flat section in between straps and even flatter for a longer 20 cm or so stretch in the concave. Otherwise even curve and a fair bit of tail kick and nose lift.
Fin Configuration: Quad MFC Q300 (15 cm) wide, swept-back outline US Box rear fins, 9 cm Mini Tuttle front sidebites. Fin adjustment marks printed on bottom side but effectively there's only really about 1 cm of play.
Pads: MFC double density pads raising above deck.
Straps: MFC straps, regular adjustment, but with seam underneath that can potentially rub 'perma-hole' feet.
Construction: Premium.

Compared to it's larger 98-litre sibling (tested

in the Oct. issue), you can instantly tell you're on something a little more technical to sail with the Cube 84. Once up and planing here's a lovely, slinky sensation to the ride that has you up on your toes and ready for action - it's like it's had a shot of espresso and is ready to attack - whereas the 98 is softer and cruiser and this size strikingly more electric. But how would it be without any power in the wave and running away from the wind?  Well, in the sloshy surf we tested it in at El Medano we found tonnes of squirt into and out of turns. We were especially impressed with the capability for well-hooked cutbacks and especially the amount of glide available on the exit and through slower, fatter sections. The Cube needs input however. It's not demanding to sail in terms of ability, but you can't be lazy and expect it to work pre-programmed. As one of the narrowest in this selection, the outline challenges you to push your turns and pump a little to access the drive. An energetic board for those with a dynamic sailing style. Stats Volume (L) 84 Weight (Kg) 6.4 Length (cm) 229.9 Width (cm) 57.3 Construction Premium

Baujahr: 2017
Kategorie: Wave
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