Prolimit STX C60 RDM 460cm 2021

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At the outset, there are a few great features that all STX mast models share. An XCORE Wrap on the base of all our masts prevents long term wear and scratches. Another big plus is the STX Boom Height indicator.

As any pro worth their salt will attest, several core factors can affect a mast's overall performance. Even if it's paired with the best sail money can buy, this piece of gear should match your specific riding style and expectations. Here's where science comes in. Through some sharp R&D at STX, we've refined the ratios of carbon to fibreglass in all our masts. In a nutshell, Carbon percentages translate to critical factors like Reflex Speed, Durability, Stiffness and Weight. These factors all pair off against each other to produce varying results that cater to different riders' needs. Don't fret though - it's not as complicated as it sounds. Check out our simple comparitive diagrams and tables alongside to see how STX models compare to each other.

At the end of the day, all STX masts perform brilliantly and look as good as they perform, so you can't really go wrong.

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