Prolimit Harness WS Seat Cruiser 2022

The Prolimit Cruiser is a freerace/racing harness that offers medium to high profile support. This means that the maximum sailing performance can be transported at any time. The outline profile is optimized for cruising and the inner plate is shaped by 3D technology. The elastic closure strap connects both sides of the harness evenly and ensures a secure fit. The Pin Release Bar is a simple and reliable bar closure with added security in stressful situations. It has a snug fit and once the buckles are properly adjusted, no additional tightening or loosening is required. The force is distributed over 4 straps and is thus evenly distributed over the sides of the strap. A unique and simple system that allows you to undo the leg straps halfway to ease entry. Once routed over the additional bungee, it can also act as a full release leg strap. The back support control system allows you to control the shape of the upper part of the harness with an additional strap, allowing you to adjust the support pressure on your back. The extra two straps can control the tension. All of these features give you extra comfort while riding and the ability to easily adjust the shape of your harness.
179,00 €
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