Point-7 Spy 2G 2017

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A powerful masterpiece and a symbol of control. Using a rich forward positioned profile for great drive mixed with good skin tension, the SPY is a powerful yet extremely controllable sail, which ensures you stay on top of things in the widest variety of conditions and range of winds. Undoubtedly the right choice for many and most ? Power is nothing without control!

When riding onshore conditions, the Spy has a surplus of drive to get you right up to the lip at high speed or get you out of any danger zone before being eaten by the wave. It will give you the choice to go for aerials or a powerful cutback without losing speed. Due to its rich profile and rotation, speed and stability are ensured throughout, allowing for higher jumps with tons of control to learn any wave aerial manoeuvre easily. The wide wind range of the Spy also makes it the perfect companion in high winds for bump and jumping. Due to the four batten and three batten sails, the five batten has become for many wave sailors less attractive, even if often it could be the best choice making the Spy as attractive as ever.

The mix of work to further increase its comfort, but still focussing on making it as fast and light as possible on the moves, and on the waves, as the other wave sails in the range. A strong weight decrease to bring the handling more reactive. A complete change of the opening of the leach to allow the release of pressure during the cutbacks, and smoother entry in new school moves. The perfect mix between reactivity and gentle release on a powerful drive. The vario top system is developed to allow you to have no extra webbing flapping if you are using the correct mast, and means you are not wearing out the sail whilst using it.













Size Luff Mast Mast Diameter Mast Advice % Ext Ext Type Boom Boom Type Vario Battens
4,0 375 370 rdm 100, 80, 60 6 rdm 32/48 148 Alu/carbon yes 5
4,2 388 370 rdm 100, 80, 60 18 rdm 32/48 150 Alu/carbon yes 5
4,5 398 370 rdm 100, 80, 60 28 rdm 32/48 153 Alu/carbon yes 5
4,7 400 370 rdm 100, 80, 60 30 rdm 32/48 155 Alu/carbon no 5
5,0 417 400 rdm 100, 80, 60 18 rdm 32/48 162 Alu/carbon yes 5
5,4 423 400 rdm 100, 80, 60 24 rdm 32/48 167 Alu/carbon yes 5
5,9 440 430 rdm (sdm) 100, 80, 60 12 rdm (sdm) 32/48 175 Alu/carbon no 5
6,4 453 430 rdm (sdm) 100, 80, 60 24 rdm (sdm) 32/48 184 Alu/carbon no 5

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