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Point 7 Slash


Freestylers this is your non-compromise to go extreme! It's built to stand out and be the Sh!t!.


Designed for

Freestylers this is your non-compromise to go extreme! It's built to stand out and be the Sh!t!Yentel Caers has travelled the main freestyle spots bringing this discipline to the next level. Our Slash, had to follow Yentel needs, and has brought him to win multiple EFTP events, reaching PWA podiums, and all of this with the true freestyle addiction. In addition to Yentel, Taty Frans has brought also new valuable feedback that you will be ready to feel! If you are tired of single moves, get the slash to close simply any double moves!

Quick Points

  • No limits, and no wind range limits.
  • powerful toy,
  • fast acceleration to allow moves in shorter spaces,
  • power in lighter winds and higher stability in stronger winds.
  • Lots of Pop
  • In a double move sequence, it will not limit the power only to the first move.
  • Super light in the hands with good power on the front hand
  • Easy and comfortable in all the conditions.
  • No gimmicks
  • most functional freestyle-sail.

The Tests on Magazines say

The freestyle sail which has no limits, and no wind range limits

Competition Results

Through a clean and addictive freestyle mood, the Slash has conquered multiple EFTP winds, and conquered PWA podiums this year.

Devoloped and Design by

The Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning sail for the World Champion in the PWA Slalom World Tour. Now with their pro Freestylers Team, such as Taty Frans, and with Top 3 PWA rider Yentel Caers, the Slash is continually under pressure to continue its development.

Development Target

No gimmicks have been invented or stitched onto the sail. The team requested the most functional freestyle sail possible with a slashed down weight to have no restraints for pulling the fastest and highest double moves.


A short balanced boom length and high foot satisfy the needs of our riders to control the sail without having excess outline in the way. The reduced head outline shape allows a fast rotation of the sail, and a light feeling.

Outline Slash
Outline Batterns


Straight profiled four-batten construction to save weight, and with no profile along the top 3, allowing the sail to be ducked with simplicity.


One ring positioning to save weight. Placed in at the perfect height to bring the correct balance to the tension of the leach, and good easy ducking.

Outline Eyelets
Outline Rotation and Profile

Rotation and Profile

An important rotation lets the batten sit in front of the mast on the lower part of the mast sleeve - giving lift as the wind enters, thanks also to the Dacron panel. This concept brings in the extra power in the front of the sail. A main concept, to have more power in light winds, dragster acceleration, and tons of pop. Moving behind the mast panel area the profile of the sail is totally flat, and the straight profile in the top of the sail combined with a tight leech allows for super easy ducking of the sail and back winded tricks.


Low clew and straight foot of the sail to allow for better ducking and shorter boom length to allow for extra power.

Outline clewB
Outline salt

Body Material

To meet the requirements of the team, a large Dacron panel was introduced into create earlier planing and more pop in the sail. The Dacron luff panel is wide and covers a long area along the mast: centered perfectly to contrast the push and weight of the rider to get the max stability and higher pop.. The construction is light, but extensively tested on the water to make sure that it would still take the biggest crashes using a 5mil Anti UV-Black X-ply base panel for extra strength. All our Ply, X-ply and Scrims monofilm are produced in the Unites States. Completely assembled by Anti UV Laminates. The new Anti-UV transparent grey window will not only bring your windsurfing being unique on the water, but to have a 100% Anti UV-Monofilm sail. More aggressive looking. Protecting your sails even more from the UV-Rays, acting as darkening lenses. X-ply batten pockets for lighter weight, highly responsive and reactive for world champion performance. 5mil Anti UV-Black X-ply base panel for protection from accidents.


The Slash is straightforward to rig, requiring an easy amount of force to counter its luff curve to set the rotation of the profile according to each freestyler needs. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control but do give good outhaul tension until you you're your perfect performance. Tighten the bottom and top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, without over tensioning them.

Outline rigging


Technische Daten

Size Euros Luff Mast Extention Boom Trim Boom Kg (+-5) Top Battens Clew rdm mast sdm mast Best Mast Ext Rdm 32 Ext Rdm 48 Ext Sdm Alu+ Boom Carbon+ Boom Best Boom Harness lines Vulcano
3,6 464 354 340 14 138+-2 140 2,57 Fixed 4 2 ring 60/80/100 no 100 rdm yes yes no 140 140 140 fixed yes
4,0 479 370 340 30 148+-2 150 2,76 Fixed 4 2 ring 60/80/100 no 100 rdm yes yes no 140 140 140 fixed yes
4,4 489 395 370 26 154+-2 156 2,85 Fixed 4 2 ring 60/80/100 no 100 rdm yes yes no 140 140/150 140 fixed yes
4,8 494 407 400 8 158+-2 160 3,04 Fixed 4 2 ring 60/80/100 no 100 rdm yes yes no 140 140/150 140 fixed yes
5,2 509 419 400 20 164+-2 166 3,23 Fixed 4 2 ring 60/80/100 no 100 rdm yes yes no 140160 140/150 140 fixed yes
5,5 519 438 430 10 168+-2 170 3,33 Fixed 4 2 ring 60/80/100 no 100 rdm yes yes no 140160 140/150 140/150/160 fixed yes

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