Point 7 AC-Z 2021

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Point 7 AC-Z 2021


Have you ever dreamed to have a no cam sail with the same performance as a real cam racing sail? Or have you ever dreamed to have a cam sail as easy as a no cam sail? The AC-Z is both!!


Going to its second edition, the new-born has had a big jump forward. A new structure has been developed with a unique vertical luff panel from the pulleys all the way to the top. A second luff vertical panel has been placed on top of the window. These 2 vertical panels have proven a significant increase in stability and direct reflex, assuring a higher comfort and more stable profile and acceleration. The average speed has been boosted. These performing updates have also brought the sail structure to be strong, without having added significant extra weight, but giving a lighter feeling of the sail on the water.


  • Is what we call a total revolution in slalom. Have you ever dreamed to have a no cam sail with the same performance as a real cam racing sail? Or have you ever dreamed to have a cam sail with the weight of a no cam sail? The AC-Z is both!! It's not a compromise, it's an add on. With only 2 lower cams set up as the AC-One, as a pure racing sail, a wide pocket under the boom, but over the boom a pure slalom no cam sail! For Slalom speed seekers, who want to go to the next step. Having an amazing race cam performance with great drive and stability in gusty conditions, power in the lulls. Railing the board as a full race sail but having the simplicity of a no cam sail when jibing and water starting. It's not a compromise, it?s a 2 in 1!

  • Outstanding. Magazine Tester's best choice!

  • The AC-Z has a deep profile in the lower part of the sail, till just the boom height, shallowing down over the boom, but consistent all the way to the top. From the base, up to the boom, it has a wide sleeve like a race sail, but that completely shrinks down to be a no-cam sleeve above it. 2 cams are placed under the boom with the same set-up as the rest of our cams sail lines. The slalom base, the outline and the leach opening are exactly the Point-7 classical trademarks. Thanks to the wide lower mast sleeve, inserting the mast is as easy as a cam sail, meaning that the mast goes straight to the top without any effort. Setting a bit of downhaul, pop in the 2 cams in no time, before down hauling the sail all the way to the final setting, then you are ready to place the boom on, and start blasting on the water.

  • Yes, it has cams, even if you will not feel it in the jibes as the XXL cam below the boom, takes all the responsibility for the smoothest rotation that only a no cam sail can give. Yes, it has a wide mast sleeves which rails the board as a pure race sail, but you will not realize when you will water start, as the mast sleeve is just below the boom. This makes the sail light and with no water on the upper part, making it as easy as a wave sail to water start. As soon as you will close the gap, the pressure and drive the AC-Z will deliver to your board, will make you remember that the sail has a wide sleeve and cams. The AC-Z will bring you to the figures never seen on your GPS.

  • When cruising, the power of the wider lower pocket, and the two cams, give the same drive as a pure race sail. It does not suffer lulls, and the windier the faster it accelerates. You will not realize that it?s a no cam sail over the boom, and for those who never had cams, they will only discover a new world of acceleration, speed, stability?and will forget that they have a sail with 2 cams!

  • Carving the board has never been so nice, as the power is at the bottom and frontal, to pin down the board, and rail with precision. When rotating the sail, you will not feel the cams move to the new tack. The XXL Point-7 cam will create a fast leverage to the battens to allow smooth and perfect timing change. It will not punish any mistakes by the rider. You will go to the beach and check if the big XXL cam is actually in.

  • Do not worry, there is no wide mast sleeve from the boom up to the top of the sail. It?s easy as a wave sail to uphaul the sail, or to water start. No water can fill up the lower wide sleeve, and even if it would, it does not create any heavier leverage.

  • The Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional sailors and designers who have proved themselves by designing the winning sail for the World Champion in the PWA Slalom World Tour.

  • Designed to take out all the annoying details that a cam sail has, and the ones from a non-cam sail. A no-cam sail that would feel the positive sides of a cam sail, and a cam sail to feel all the positive sides of a no cam sail. Pure slalom cam performance, pure no-cam simplicity. All in one!

    Outline: A no compromise slalom outline. The base invites you to close the gap on your slalom or free race board as with any racing sail. A negative leach to enjoy a light feeling on the back hand, extra speed and acceleration. The top of the sail has a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind. The right mix between low and high aspect ratio duties.

  • The AC-X is straightforward to rig. Inserting the mast as easy as a cam sail, as the wider part of the sleeve at the bottom of the AC-Z, allows the mast to go in straight all the way to the top. Apply the downhaul for about 10-15cm from the required down-haul setting. Without the boom, open the cam zippers and with one hand push the batten behind the cam, and with the other push in the cam to pop on the mast. It?s a no time action. Finish to pull the downhaul, guided by the visual aid in the top panel. It can only rig sdm from 6.4 up and only rdm from 5.8 down. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control. Tighten the lower 2-battens and the top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other batten without overtightening them.

  • Bringing the AC-Z on the market has been a total success. Our AC-X has a strong competitor, and together they are making sure that those who have it are dominating the slalom seen in their spots. The AC-Z the first cam sail which would feel like a race sail, but with all simplicity factors, which make slalom sailors still prefer to enjoy the simplicity from a no cam sail. The goal was to give a cam sail to cam haters, which would feel as easy as a no cam but would be an amazing weapon for gusty and shifty winds, lulls and with top end performance at the same time. The AC-Z will be the perfect option for those who would love a cam sail but never wanted to try, and for those who would love an easier cam sail but were worried to lose their final top performance.

    • Unique on the market in its typology.
    • The most performing sail on the market with 2 cams.
    • No-cam mast sleeve on the top, race sleeve below the boom.
    • 2 cambers under the boom.
    • Easy handling characteristics.
    • Excels in a wide range of wind conditions.
    • Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions.
    • Locked-in feeling that is only comparable to a cambered sail.
    • Light and easy feeling that is only comparable to a non-cambered sail
    • A must have for those who never had a cam sail.


  • The top of the sail has a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind. Light feel in handling and closes the top gap as a real winglet.

  • 4mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity.

  • High X-ply luff panel for fast reflex, small sleeve for easy handling and light weight.

  • Leach opening is classic Point-7 trademarks. Assuring a strong venturi through the blade till the exit.

  • X-ply alternate batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. 7 tubular battens to follow the pure slalom foil profile from the sail. Each batten is assembled easy for replacements

  • Anti-UV transparent grey window to have a 100% Anti UV-Monofilm sail.

  • Lower Dacron wide sleeve for extra power and comfort. 2 cams for maximum drive a butter rotation.

  • The AC-Z has a deep profile, 2 cams and a wide sleeve as a race sail under the boom donating. stability, power and drive in light winds, incredible cam rotation. An Asy-cam at the bottom batten to create a nice round deep profile for a locked in drive. An XXL-cam below the boom to create an amazing rotation to the foil. The deep profile in the front increases the drive for earlier planning and acceleration in lighter winds. The drive is fundamental for carving the board better in the jibes. A deep front profile allows stability in stronger wind, therefore increasing comfort and control. As the wind enters the sail it forms a deep and fast front profile along the mast to allow stability. The wind swiftly moves to give power exactly where the stance of our body is comfortably centered on the board, and releases quickly and smoothly through the back of the sail, to allow light back hand pressure for pushing on the fin. As the wind increases, the sail can be pulled with outhaul to decrease the back-hand power, while the front profile will stay set, to continue guaranteeing control. Thanks to the S-Shaping, along the whole middle upper leach opening, the foil will self-adjust to keep the board balanced over the water surface.

  • One eyelet, one position to make sure the leach and S-shape get the right tension from the boom. A bigger cut out than a normal freeride sail, has been introduced allowing more S-shaping release as the wind and speed increases through the foil. This results in giving us the chance to increase our water performance without having to exert extra power and energy. The shape of the cut out comfortably welcomes the back end of the boom.

  • 5mil Anti UV- X-ply base panel for protection from accidents. All our Ply, X-ply and Scrims monofilm are produced in the Unites States.

  • One eyelet to make sure that the development of the S-shape and leach opening is controlled from the tension of the boom from the right spot. Each size has a well-tested and different size cut-out to allow a comfortable S-shaping release. This brings the sail to have the right S-Shaping performance of the cross batten to allow, according to the size and conditions, the best compromise between power and release. It will always make sailing more comfortable, and the need to adjust the setting of your adjustable outhaul less. The shape of the cut out comfortably welcomes the back end of the boom.

  • A no compromise slalom outline. The base invites you to automatically close the gap on your slalom or free race board.

  • details

    5.2 423 400 24 164+-2 166 4.3 6 2 yes 1 K87 / K97 no K87 / K97 yes yes no no 140 / 160 140 / 150 140 / 150 / 160 Vario yes
    5.8 437 400 38 170+-2 172 4.5 6 2 yes 1 K87 / K97 no K87 / K97 no yes no no 140 / 160 150 / 170 / 190 160 / 170 Vario yes
    6.4 452 430 24 190+-2 192 4.7 7 2 yes 1 no K60 / K80 / K100 K80 / K100 no no yes yes 160 / 180 150 / 170 / 190 160 / 170 Vario yes
    6.8 460 430 32 192+-2 194 4.8 7 2 yes 1 no K60 / K80 / K100 K80 / K100 no no yes yes 160 / 180 150 / 170 / 190 180 / 170 Vario yes
    7.2 469 430 40 198+-2 200 4.9 7 2 yes 1 no K60 / K80 / K100 K80 / K100 no no no yes 160 / 180 / 200 170 / 190 180 / 190 Vario yes
    7.8 485 460 26 208+-2 210 5.0 7 2 yes 1 no K60 / K80 / K100 K80 / K100 no no yes yes 180 / 200 170 / 190 180 / 190 Vario yes
    8.5 505 490 18 214+-2 216 5.3 7 2 yes 1 no K80 / K100 K80 / K100 no no yes yes 180 / 200 170 / 190 190 / 200 Vario yes
    9.4 519 490 32 228+-2 230 5.4 7 2 yes 1 no K80 / K100 K80 / K100 no no yes yes 180 / 200 190 / 220 190 / 200 Vario yes

    Baujahr: 2021
    Einsatzbereich: Race
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