NoveNove iSUP Wind 2019 windsurf-sup

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iSUP 10'6'' Wind

our all-new isup Wind will allow you to fully appreciate the ocean not only as a pure Stand Up Paddle board, but also for windsurfing sessions during your summer beach time.

The iSup Wind is the perfect beginner to cruiser all round SUP inflatable board that allows you to also teach your family and friends how to windsurf plus it doubles as a classic windsurfer board to cruise around your local lakes and flat water.

our top rider Kauli seadi and his wife nana have chosen the isup Wind as the perfect choice during their summer sail boat cruise discovering new paradises around the South Pacific Islands.


iSUP 10?6? WINd

240 lt.

10?6? (320 cm)

32? (81 cm)

6? (15 cm)

psi min15/mAx18

Versandgewicht ca.: 6,00 Kg