Nove Nove i99 Volare 130l Komplettset

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Komplettset Volare Mast Option

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Volare Wing Option complete set

Es ist nur eine Option in einem Komplettset bestellbar.

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Nove Nove Volare 130

The word Volare in Italian means "to fly". The advent of foiling truly allows you to fly over water, enjoying unique sensations, immersed in an unreal silence.

After months of testing we are proud to be able to present you this new all-rounder dedicated to foiling but which allows you to enjoy it in 3 distinct disciplines: windsurfing, wing and sup.

A shape that differs from the others, a unique scoopline, expressly designed to increase the performance of advance gliding and stability in flight, are the characteristics of the brand new Volare 130.

The double US box allows you to mount the rearmost foil if you use it with the windsurf rig, while the more advanced position will allow you to take advantage of its shape for maximum fun sessions with the wing or in sup mode.

Its generous volume allows even heavy riders to approach the wing with immediate fun.

Combined with an all-round freeride foil, the Volare 130 will be your 360° companion, to take advantage of all the weather conditions with a single foiling board.

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Tech Specs

Model Volume Length/Width Box Type Sail Range
VOLARE 130 ca 130 liters 205x72 2 x Us box 3.0/7.0

Nove Nove Wing

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It is inspired by both the windsurfing and kiteboarding world with one additional key feature: simplicity.

Setting up is a matter of seconds, you just need to pump up and you are ready to ride, no adding and adjusting any extra bars or battens.
The i-99 Wing is light and robust, built with the best materials and construction methods used on high-end kiteboarding kites technology.
Its auto stable V design allows riders from beginner to expert to use a standard SUP for low wind cruising or to fly on a hydrofoil in all flat water, swell and wave conditions..

The i-99 Wing packs up very fast and takes up a very small space, no long and rigid components and is delivered with a light bag and a wrist bungee leash.


Tech Specs

Size Weight Rec. Wind range
3.0 m 2.0 kg up to 35 kt
4.2 m 2.1 Kg up to 28 kt
5.0 m 2.2 Kg up to 20 kt
5.8 m 2.3 Kg up to 16 kt


The MOTO 1850 has been designed for very fast and smooth take-offs with the best gliding flight you'll find, offering exceptional glide, speed control and maneuverability.

It's 1850cm2 carbon front-wing provides a wide range of use for both beginners and advanced riders.

Combined with the 65cm mast, it offers the best set up for your first flights and shallower waters riding.

More advanced riders can also choose a 80cm mast which fits perfectly to any kind of conditions from easy freeriding to radical wave-foiling.

The 74 cm fuselage is the optimal size to pump the foil pop and get going while having a very stable ride flying above the water.

Fitted with a Double US adapter you can adjust the position of the MOTO 1850 foil to your needs for the best geometry trimming between the board and the foil.

High building quality, durability and Italian desgin are the key factors of this high performance all-round hydrofoil that makes foiling easier than ever before.

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Technical Features

  • Front Wing Material : Carbon
  • Front Wing Surfeace : 1850 cm2
  • Front Wing Span : 980 mm
  • Front Wing Chord : 260 mm
  • Back Wing Material : Carbon
  • Back Wing Span : 542 mm
  • Mast material: Aluminum
  • Mast length options : 65 cm / 80 cm (optional)
  • Fuselage material: Aluminum
  • Fuselage length: 74 cm
  • Set up screws: Torx - M6
  • Foil track screws: Allen 30mm M8
  • Stabilizer spacer shim : not provided

Tech Specs

Front Wing Front Wing Chord Back Wing Mast Box Type Fuselage
1850 sqcm surface / 980mm wingspan 260 mm 542 mm wingspan 65 cm or 80 cm Aluminum Double US 74 cm Aluminum

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Baujahr: 2021
Kategorie: Foil Foiling Only SUP Foil
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