Nove Nove Performa Pro 2018

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Handling, ease-of-use, speed and control never before seen in a freeride board! Program: Performance Freeride

The name says it all, welcome to the new reference in the freeride market, whereby the focus of the design mandate was to create something special for the intermediate sailor.

Thorough testing of rival products on the market revealed a clear shortcoming; slow to plane/accelerate and limited top speeds. Not anymore!

The Performa breaks through freeride performance barriers to reveal a range of boards that are super easy, plane exceptionally early, gybe effortlessly and have excellent stability once planing. A freerider's dream!

- The R&D result:

Ultra fast for a freeride board and easy planing combined with incredible side-to-side stability in all wind ranges. These are the most important points when considering modern freeride boards.

- Summary:

The final testing results on the water were honestly excellent, and the test team was truly excited to release these trend-setting and fully original designs into the marketplace!


  • The revolutionary all-new 'HydroPlane' bottom shape concept: The nose starts flat with no vee to sit the board square in the water maximising the planing surface at low speeds, which quickly transitions into a significant vee planform with a very deep double concave under the mast track area. This helps hydrodynamically channel the water towards the tail of the board before planing and aerodynamically channels the air of the board after planing. Towards the tail the strong vee quickly transitions into an inverted vee shape between the feet, this keeps the outside rail line in the 'water power zone' straighter than a normal vee board, which we found drastically increases the control and side-to-side stability at speed. Feeling is believing!
  • 'UltraTuck' all-new rail design concept: During the development process the more tuck we tested the better the boards performed, in particular with incredibly easy gybing and overall comfort especially in choppy conditions. So the final designs incorporated almost as much bottom rail tuck as the 5-axis machine would comfortably shape. Whilst the top rail shape is a gentle sloping dome that is very comfortable to step anywhere on the upper deck whether during planing or non-planing conditions.
  • 'Freeride Vector Cuts' : Tail cutouts are here to stay in all future windsurfing flatwater board designs regardless of category. The overall performance gain is unmistakable not only with basic points like less spinouts, but they help initiate the required release around the fin to get planing earlier and accelerate effortlessly. Once planing the cutouts significantly reduce the amount of back leg pressure that always increases with speed, resulting in a much easier ride that leads to additional sailing hours on the water.
  • For 2018 the Performa tail cutouts have the ideal blend between having enough release, but at the same time enough grip/torque and low-end power. This is achieved from having the largest 'fin plate' area next to the fin in our flatwater range, whilst the inside cutouts end parallel to the middle of the fin box, thus leaving the correct amount of planing surface for a freeride board in front of the leading edge of the fin.


  • High-precision 5-axis CAD/CAM CNC shape
  • Full T700 biax carbon lightweight deck lamination layup for max. compression strength, performance and structural stability
  • 100 kg/m3 PVC full bottom and 80 kg/m3 deck sandwich for maximum durability and compression strength resistance.
  • Double PVC sandwich under the heels and gybe area for sustained durability and strength
  • Additional high-strength reinforcements in all foot heel and high load areas (mast track, fin box, footstrap inserts)
  • Ding resistant glass 160 gsm bottom layup
  • Full UD unidirectional carbon bottom layup for maximum stiffness and performance
  • MFC G10 Liquid Pro freeride fin



Model Volume Length / Width Weight +/- 6% Fin Type Box Type Fins Sail Range
PERFORMA PRO 105 105 237x71 7.2 singlefin powerbox MFC Liquid Pro G-10 40 5.0/8.0
PERFORMA PRO 115 115 237x76 7.5 singlefin powerbox MFC Liquid Pro G-10 44 5.5/8.5
PERFORMA PRO 130 130 237x82 7.9 singlefin powerbox MFC Liquid Pro G-10 46 6.0/9.0
PERFORMA PRO 145 145 239x87 8.6 singlefin powerbox MFC Liquid Pro G-10 48 6.5/10.0

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