Neilpryde XA Aluminium Boom 2020/2021

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Neilpryde XA Aluminium Boom 2020/2021

The XA monocoque boom is superbly crafted and designed for multi-purpose use. Featuring most of the key components used on our high-performance booms. The XA is suitable for everybody because we only want you to hold the very best in your hands.

  • Loop-to-Hook Outhaul System
  • Monocoque wide aluminium tail extension
  • Extra Pulley
  • Better Grip
  • Removable RDM V-Shape mast shim adapter
  • new vt-joint

  • Increases cantact area from ghe boom attachment to the mast.
  • It can be used on any standard diameter mast.
  • Reduces chance of point loading.
  • Minimises play between the boom and mast connection.
  • Allows easy adjustment of boom height.

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