Neil Pryde RS Racing Evo XI - X 2019

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RS:Racing EVOXI is our newest addition to our successful Racing Series, our Sails with the best technology, speed, power and enhanced specification, designed to propel you across new boundaries.

At NeilPryde we live and breathe innovation and we also lived up to this standard while developing the EVOXI. We added a 9.0 sail for lighter riders, we improved the boom clew for less sail interference and added a clear window for better visibility during racing, to name a few. Our EVOXI marks an evolution in our RS:Racing Series.

And we do care a whole lot about your experience with our product, which is why we put extra craftsmanship into fully "race tuning" our race sails before they are boxed, for everyone to enjoy the same feeling of speed that our sail testers experience.

Airflow Batten Layout

Battens are laid out angled up from the mast and, as a result, they end up laying horizontal and parallel to the airflow when sailing, which helps cleaning the airflow along the sail body and reduces drag. This innovative concept allowed us to reduce the design from eight to seven battens by extending the total length of each batten.

More Acceleration

Combined with the new leech twist, the sail reacts to every gust and pump, opening instantly to gain that moment of pure acceleration. These improvements result in increased overall top speed.

Better Stability

EVOXI is incredibly stable, especially considering it is a seven batten racing sail. The angled batten design gives excellent support to the sail profile, leading the sail to feel far more comfortable through gusts.

Faster Rotation

Ease and speed of rotation was a top priority in the EVOX evolution and continues for the EVOXI.

The elimination of one batten and the reduction of the profile in the rear of the sail in the boom area allows the rotation to start to "S-bend" in the back - like a free ride sail - and then smoothly progress through the front, to the UltraCams. Flipping the sail through rotation is much quicker and allows you to exit the jibe faster with greater stability.


Twist Shaping Concept

As in the EVOX, the Sail twist allows more release, so you feel like you have gained an extra gear. Even with just seven battens, EVOXI opens instantly, gaining that moment of acceleration when going through a gust, feeling much more stable and preventing the center of effort from moving back in the sail. The result is reduced backhand pressure that gives smooth acceleration boosts in gusts.

Component Sleeve Construction

Combining different materials in the sleeve sections allows us to achieve optimum profile entry stability and elasticity, smooth rotation and light weight. By removing any stitching that could come in contact with the mast we created a seamless leading edge. This increases precision during the assembly process, reducing weight at the leading edge and creating a perfectly clean profile entry to eliminate construction weak spots. Lightweight TetoronTM Upper-front section (1) offers the necessary elasticity and durability to resist direct mast contact. A low stretch DyneemaTM Armour Web section (2) can take high downhaul tension and is critical in stabilizing the profile entry, providing smooth bridging between UltraCams. A tapered strip of TetoronTM along the back edge of the sleeve (3) where it connects to the sail body is used to provide the necessary elasticity in this area together with improved durability. The bottom part of the sleeve is finished in our durable and elastic Luff Glide material(4) allowing for important smooth rotation.

Quadruple Luff Panel Layout

EVOXI features four continuous, durable, stretch-resistant and lightweight luff panels that carry most of the sail body shaping. This configuration stabilizes the critical section draft position while providing an increased film thickness proportional to downhaul load distribution. Continuous panels eliminate horizontal seams crossing the highly loaded leading edge, which increases response of the sail. Introducing this stable leading edge platform allows very high downhaul loads and integrated clear pocket construction.



Size Luff Boom Base Weight/kg Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Code
4.8 382 158-164 12 4.51 7 4 370RDM Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001048
5.2 396 165-171 26 4.72 7 4 370RDM Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001052
5.6 410 172-178 10 4.95 7 4 400RDM Fixed Head BB9SA30EVO001056
6.4 434 182-188 4 5.18 7 4 430 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001064
7.0 456 192-198 26 5.46 7 4 430 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001070
7.8 481 202-208 22 5.75 7 4 460 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001078
8.6 505 212-218 16 6.06 7 4 490 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001086
9.0 515 221-227 26 6.21 7 4 490 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001090
9.4 526 226-232 6/36 6.36 7 4 520/490 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001094
10.0* 555 251-256 36 7.30 9 5 520 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001100
11.0* 577 268-273 28 7.70 9 5 550 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001110
12.2* 602 285-290 52 8.10 9 5 550 Fixed Head B9SA30EVO001122

Baujahr: 2019
Einsatzbereich: Race
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