Neil Pryde RS Flight 2018

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Foiling / Real World Racing High performance sail based on RS:RACING design and specifically developed to perform both on Windfoil and Slalom boards.

The RS:FLIGHT is an evolution of the RS:RACING LT1 sail, and is designed on the concept of real world racing combined with key foiling features. Compared to a pure racing sail, the RS:FLIGHT has a higher aspect ratio, shorter boom and increased foot size to accommodate vertical rake when foiling. The sail delivers quick and precise response instantly allowing the rider to adjust the power by sheeting in or out to control the flying height on the foil.

The RS:FLIGHT brings a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, superior control and stability to a wide range of performance minded sailors.

Twist Shaping Concept

The twist shaping concept incorporates powerful, forward-oriented lower body profile together with increased twist and profile reduction in the mid-body area of the sail. This concept retains power and acceleration while at the same time increases the release in the lower leech area. As a result, the new RS:FLIGHT rig can be sailed with more rake angle, increasing lift on the fin and foil and improving top-end acceleration and speed. At the same time head twist is controlled in order to keep consistent pressure on the mast foot and prevent the nose of the board from lifting in gusts.


  • Dual Boom Length Dynamic Compact Clew

    The dual boom length options, allows for the rider to adapt the sail's performance to various conditions. Outer clew position can be used when you are looking for extra power and upwind lift while the inside clew setting provides better power release and control. Those performance adjustments are made possible by the outer position supporting (locking) the lower leech twist for increased power, while the inner position allows the lower leech to twist freely making it release excessive power while locking the draft forward.

  • Progressive Aspect Ratio

    RS:FLIGHT features progressive aspect ratios across different sail sizes in order to address the specific functionality. Higher aspect ratio in larger sizes (7.8 and up) increases light wind efficiency and performance of the rig as well as improving maneuverability at the marks by reducing the boom length. Lower aspect ratio in smaller sizes (7.0 and down) helps maintain top-end control and stability by focusing the sail center of effort around the rider area where it is easier to control.

Seamless Leading Edge

The evolution of component sleeve construction completely eliminates the front seam along the sail leading edge. This increases precision during the assembly process, reduces weight at the leading edge, creates a perfectly clean profile entry and eliminates a weak spot in construction at the exposed leading edge by removing any stitching that could come in contact with the mast.


Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast
5.4 416 163-169 16 8 3 400RDM
6.2 441 176-182 12 8 3 430
7.0 466 190-196 6 8 3 460
7.8 490 203-209 30 8 3 460
8.8 515 215-221 26 8 3 490

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