Naish Starship 80l 2019

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Naish Starship

Bump & Jump

A perennial favorite of windsurfers all over the world, the 2019 Starship puts incredible freeride and bump-n-jump performance into an easy-to-ride design for any condition from flatwater to waves. Its flat, fast rocker is quick to plane-even in marginal conditions-while its beveled edges slice through chop providing a smooth and easy-to-control ride at high speeds.

The perfect board for intermediate sailors progressing through various maneuvers, the Starship will have you jibing like a pro with its ample volume in the tail. The bottom shaping features a single concave entry, double concave V midsection and V Bottom through the tail that propels the board forward. The redesigned bat tail gives the Starship a more compact shape and minimizes surface area for higher top-end speed and a tighter turning radius. All 2019 Starships are equipped with premium MFC Freewave fins, giving riders that extra level of performance and the addition of the 80 liter size adds even greater range to this popular fleet.

Key Features

  • Flat, Fast Rocker = Early planing + balanced ride
  • Beveled Rails = Smooth ride, softens chop + extremely forgiving in jibes
  • Full Rails with Tuckered Under Edge = Stability + water release for early planing
  • NEW Bat Tail = Tighter turns + Increased top speed
  • Medium Density Footpads = Comfortable ride + excellent board feel
  • Wide Point Carried Forward = Stability through jibes + effortless control
  • Single Concave to Double Concave V to V Bottom + Early planing + smooth ride + easy to jibe
  • MFC Freewave Power Box Fin = Early planing + upwind performance + easy jibing
  • Power Box = Ultra strong + perfect fin position
  • Full PVC + Double T-stringer + Wood-reinforced Biax Glass



Length Width Rec. Sail Size Volume
223 cm 57 cm 3.7-6.0 80 L

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