Naish Sails Force Four 2019 4,5qm white/green

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Naish Sails Force Four 2019

The Force FOUR is a high-tech, lightweight wavesail that is equally at home in sideshore, onshore and offshore conditions. It strikes a perfect balance between power and responsiveness, delivering solid low-end acceleration and outstanding top end control, while providing an ?in-between-the-hands? power distribution that makes it exceptional on a wave. Built with the most advanced construction on the market, the Force FOUR is our most versatile wavesail and also the ?go to? sail for freestyle riders.

- 4 Battens = Light + stable + very responsive
- Balanced Shape = Optimized for wave riding
- Medium Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range
- Twin X-166 Luff Panels = Solid, locked-in power

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