Naish Hover Windsurf incl. Thrust Foil 2019

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Naish Hover Winsurf incl. Thrust Foil 2019

Designed specifically for windsurf foiling, the Hover 122 and 142 boards feature a flat rocker which plane easily in light winds. Their short, parallel outlines provide plenty of volume and stability for easy and stable uphaul. Complimenting their flat rocker, the bottom channel in their tail is strategically positioned to perfect the foil?s angle of attack and generate just enough lift in the nose to guard against pearling.

For a customized experience, our track system allows riders to fine-tune the foil position to fit their size and ability: adjusting the foil in a more forward position suits heavier, or more inexperienced foilers, while positioning the foil further back suits lighter, or more experienced riders. Light and lively with plenty of room to ?self-tweak?, the Hover 122 and 142 are the must-try foilboards for sailors of any skill level.

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122 229 X ... X 73 122 LTRS Foil included
U.S. Box Track System
... 3.4 - 7.8 ... KG/td>
142 236 X ... X 77.5 142 LTRS Foil included
U.S. Box Track System
... 3.4 - 7.8 ... KG/td>

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