Naish Freestyle 2013

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Modern freestyle shapes for riders wanting the ultimate trickster board for freestyle competition and flatwater maneuvers.

Designed with a unique outline to decrease tail area, the Freestyle features early planing, incredible acceleration and a deck geometry that is ideal for modern skate-style maneuvers.

Sizes: 90, 100

Key Features:

  • Extremely light weight for incredible acceleration
  • Double concave deck for upright/centered freestyle stance
  • Freestyle winger tail for top end control
  • New carbon Inegra deck construction
  • Carbon sandwich bottom construction
  • Eco Boardbag

Volume Length Width Eco Bag Fin Fin Box Rec. Sail Size Construction Style of Use
90 227 60.5 Yes FS 22 Powerbox 3.7 ? 6.2 Carbon Inegra Sandiwch Freestyle/
Freestyle Wave
100 229 64 Yes FS 22 Powerbox 4.2 ? 7.0 Carbon Inegra Sandiwch Freestyle
Baujahr: 2013
Versandgewicht: 16,00 Kg

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