NP Racing Evo XII

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NP Racing Evo XII

The RS:RACING EVOXII is more than an evolution from its predecessor, it is a step towards a new design, fully embracing the high aspect design we introduced in our Flight series.

With racing competition formats and courses evolving towards a mix of Slalom and Foiling, we want to be sure to be ahead of the game, ensuring the new RS:RACING EVOXII performs equally well on fin as on foil. The EVOXII features a moderate high aspect ratio, where the larger sail sizes have a relatively higher aspect ratio than the smaller sail sizes. This design ensures that also the smaller sizes have that extra lift and efficiency, allowing the rider to get the maximum out of the sail.

Thanks to the high aspect ratio, we could eliminate the the larger sizes from the range, as the 9.0 will perform in the same way as a 9.4 in lighter winds. The high aspect ratio especially impacts the luff length and boom size needed per sail. The bigger the sail, the more pronounced is its high aspect ratio, meaning that the bigger size sails will need smaller booms in relation.

The RS:RACING EVOXII will come with new sizes and larger gaps in between, as we have improved the wind range; meaning we can cover wider wind ranges with less sizes. RS:RACING EVOXII ? the art of racing, made for you.

  • Mast Sleeve Window
    Clear window in the mast sleeve for better visibility during racing

  • Fuse Pockets
    We have taken out traditional, seperate batten pockets by overlapping body panels to efficiently create a sleeve for battens. This reduces unnecessary weight, simplifies construction and creates a fully symmetrical batten cavity, eliminating the tendency of traditional batten pockets to load differently from one tack to another.

  • Carbon Leech Mini Battens
    Provide maximum support with minimum weight.

  • Visual Trimming System
    Downhaul tension guide. Max. and Min. Recommended leech release points. Located on the upper leech between battens #2 and #3.

  • Dual Boom Length Compact Clew
    Has been slightly improved and redesigned to avoid contact of sail edge body with the boom. Outer and inner clew position straight alignment. Retains same clew height and boom to mast rake on both clew positions, reduces weight and prevents rear part of the foot touching the water when jibing..

  • Carbon Composite Battens
    Carbon tubes are placed in the central section of the sail body, adding extra stability and preventing the profile from moving back. The lightness of carbon battens minimize the swing weight which increases the reflex of the leech which is something really unique in our sail. Starting from the Top; #3 (Single RDM Carbon tube) #4 and #5 (Precision Tapered CNC 2-piece Carbon tube). Besides the Carbon tubes in the central section of the sail, additional Fiberglass tubes offer extra durability in areas more exposed to crashes. The progressive flex creates a deeper profile, essential in generating low end power and upwind performance. Starting from the Top; #1 - #2 (Single RDM Fiberglass tube) #6 - #7 (Precision Tapered CNC 2-piece Fiberglass tube).

  • Batcams
    Batten tensioner system allowing precise tuning and secured positive locking without the need for tools. Starting from the Top: #1 - #2 - #3 (Mini lightweight Batcams combined with tension adjuster set), #4 - #5 (Batcams combined with tension adjuster set) and #6 - #7 (Batcams combined with tube screw adjuster and Allen key for an extra tension system).

  • Loopsters
    Allowing easy rigging through loop to loop system and optimized adjustable outhaul function that reduces the friction and eliminates any crossing lines (crucial when using adjustable outhaul system)

  • Ultracams
    Suspended camber system improves sail rotation and acceleration out of jibes. Simultaneous tuning of battens and cambers makes sail tunable for different mast diameters and camber pressure.

  • Kevlar Batten Bridges
    To distribute the high downhaul load crossing the battens.

  • Aerodynamic Boom Cutout Closure
    Prevents the apparent wind from blowing into the mast sleeve and generating drag.

  • Batten Chafe Protection
    Abrasion resistant PU print to help protect the battens from damage caused by rigging or boom contact.

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4.8 396 156-163 26 4.6 7 4 rdm 370
5.2 411 164-171 12 4.85 7 4 rdm 400
5.8 434 175-182 4/34 5.15 7 4 rdm 430/400
6.6 457 189-196 28 5.45 7 4 sdm 430
7.4 482 201-208 22 5.75 7 4 sdm 460
8.2 514 207-214 24 6.1 7 4 sdm 490
9.0 538 215-222 18 6.45 7 4 sdm 520

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Baujahr: 2020
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