JP Young Gun Air LE WS 2022 8'10"x31,5"x5"

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JP Young Gun Air LE WS 2022 8'10"x31,5"x5"


Simply a great windsurf and paddle board for kids, the Young Gun Air features awesome handling advantages: It can be rolled up and fits into the backpack it comes with - no more need for a roof rack for transport and no big garage for storage. For paddling you could even take it in the backpack to the beach with your bike. It is also considerably lighter than any hardboard of this size.

The high tech Drop Stitch Technology makes it so stiff that you will easily get it gliding but the surface itself is so soft that you won't hurt yourself when falling on it.

The Welded Seam Technology increases the durability. The heat welded connection creates a very strong mechanical joint that literally fuses two parts into one and thus is superior to the standard chemical gluing. This welding process of amalgamating two different layers into one makes the board safer, lighter and stiffer.

  • Fin
  • Pump
  • Repair set
  • User manual
  • Backpack
  • Instead of a daggerboard the additional centre fin provides directional stability to reduce side drift and helps to go upwind. Being longer than the normal Young Gun also helps to go upwind due to its longer waterline length.

    This board offers so much fun and is a great kids' toy


    1. Inflatable SUP with windsurf option and centre fin
    2. Welded seam
    3. 3D stringer
    4. Colour coded big EVA Deck with microdot structure for good grip and comfort
    5. Centered carrying strap

    Light Edition

    The pre-laminated double layer Light Edition construction is the ultimate in light weight. The machine-pre-laminated 2 layers of air tight PVC creates a durable shell of accurate thickness. This shell is then machine laminated directly onto the 500D Polyester Drop Stitch fabric. We offer the LE boards in 5" and 6" thickness.

    1. Rail
      Outside rail layer glued over the first layer for added stiffness and abrasion resistance.
    2. Inner Rail
      The first rail layer is welded to the DS fabric to ensure a long-lasting mechanical bond.
    3. Double Layer Drop Stich
      The first PVC layer makes sure your JP inflatable is 100% airtight, and the top PVC layer creates a laminated structure for the ultimate in lightweight performance.
    4. Welded Seam Technology
      JP-Australia developed the Welded Seam Technology to increase the durability and air tightness of our inflatable boards. The connection between the rail and the drop stitch material is hot-air welded thus creating a very strong mechanical joint that turns these two parts into one. By fusing two different layers together into one part, the welding process makes the board safer and more durable. The plasticizers in PVC migrate over time and weaken the strength of the chemical bond of the glue.
    5. Pre-Lamination
      Our Triple Layer Composite and our Double Layer constructions both include the specially developed process of pre-lamination. This high tech process consists of machine-lamination of the multiple layers into a shell that has accurate thickness as well as superior abrasion and stretch properties. Compared to normal double layer boards we have been able to remove the manual glue application from the process and with it the room for error, the excess weight of the glue and the additional health hazards for our workers. The fiber-reinforced layers create super strong and durable boards with a minimal amount of stretch.


    270 270 80 cm 212 l 7.4 kg 5" (12.7 cm) 2x US Finbox < 7.5 < 5.9

    Baujahr: 2022
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    Kategorie SUP: All Around Youth Windsurf
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