JP Wave Slate Pro 2020

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JP Wave Slate Pro 2020

Since its introduction, the Wave Slate has been a ground-breaking wave board in small to medium surf.
Its compact shape and parallel outline combined with the single to double concave bottom shape allows for a new level of early planing and speed on the wave. Agile, fast and reliable, the Wave Slate has everything you need to make even the most mediocre sessions exciting and enjoyable. Dont think that the amazing speed and early planing will take anything away from its performance in real wave conditions though. These boards are also excellent in down-the-line conditions and very much hold their own when the surf starts getting bigger.


Wave Slate 79 55 X - X 215 CM 79 LTRS 1x Wave 18 RTM Carbon + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
3x SB + 2x MT
6.0 KG <5.5
Wave Slate 87 57 X - X 219 CM 87 LTRS 1x Wave 19 RTM Carbon + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
3x SB + 2x MT
6.3 KG 4.0 - 6.2
Wave Slate 96 59 X - X 219 CM 96 LTRS 1x Wave 20 RTM Carbon + 2x Side Wave 10 RTM
3x SB + 2x MT
6.5 KG 5.0 - 6.0

Baujahr: 2020
Kategorie: Wave Freestyle Wave
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