JP SUP Foil Slate Pro 8'10''x31'' 2019

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JP SUP Foil Slate Pro 8'10''x31'' 2019

In addition to the dedicated Foil boards JP has also introduced the full line of Foil Slate boards that combine the Surf Slate shapes with a foiling option. The Foil Slates also have long track boxes for added windsurf foiling option.

  1. Performance SUP surf shape with 3 fins setup
  2. Stable, fast and reactive
  3. Extra speed to glide across flat sections
  4. V entry that flows into a deep single concave ending with a subtle V right at the center fin position
  5. Smooth lift and an easy rail-to-rail transfer


8'10" x 31" x 4'1" PRO 147 l - R7 FCS +2 X THRUSTER R7 FCS

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