ION Strike Core Semidry 5.5/4.5 BZ DL 2018

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Super Flex: Great overall range of movement, especially in the arms and legs.

Warm: Hot_Stuff lining and Water_Gate_Plus construction.

Protection: Crash_Padz at shins and ribs

Line Concept

The CORE is the more budget option in the Strike range and is an awesome all-rounder! The new single lined back panel gives freedom of movement where needed, while the Crash_Padz in the shins and rib area give confidence for progressive riding. Robust in design - thanks to the very durable nylon used in legs and torso - the STRIKE CORE is available in two fashionable colour schemes ready to suit your style!


. Double Thread GBS
. Supra Tex upgrade
. Enlarged Knee Panel Knee_Panel oder: Enlarged knee panel
. 2/2 instead of 2.5 (Steamer & Shorties)

Target Group

Progressive watermen who are ambitious to improve their riding skills.

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