ION Jewel Amp Semidry 4.5/3.5 BZ DL 2018

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Optimum Flex: Reduced panel layout and Ninja_Knee construction.

Warm: Hot_Stuff lining, Seal_Tight and Water_Gate_3D construction.

Maki_Tape: 100% neo tape sealed on the inside for superb flex and water resistance

Protection: Crash_Padz at shins

Line Concept

Sleek, stylish and with an air of femininity, the JEWEL AMP is for women looking for a suit with outstanding performance to match their 'ride hard' attitude. Toasty warm thanks to the Hot_Stuff lining and high-tech Seal_Tite sealing, this suit will protect you perfectly against the elements. Ladies, it's time to shine!


Double Thread GBS
. Maki_Tape 2.0
. More stretch in upper body = less taping

Target Group

Determined and enthusiastic women looking for a suit to support their 'ride hard' attitude and complement their femininity.

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