Fanatic Gecko HRS Daggerboard/Soft Top

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Fanatic Gecko HRS Daggerboard/Soft Top

The Secret To Success

Sizes: 156

The Gecko Daggerboard is our freeride board with the biggest range of use or required riding skills. From the very first runs hooked into the harness all the way to full planing power, our special Daggerboard Edition perfectly bridges the entry and freeride worlds.

A freeride board concept with the guarantee to improve. The rather thin and wide shape has been subtly adapted and its volume is perfectly distributed for an amazingly stable and at the same time very sportive ride.

The Integrated Nose Shield is made for protection from crashes through the mast in early stages. The additional footstrap and daggerboard options make this board the perfect companion for your progression from the first steps to planing to gybes.

The thin rails show their potential especially when gybing and offer the best grip in turns. In addition, both the wide tail and the large planing surface always provide lots of control during manoeuvres and keep you planing between gusts.

Comes in our durable High Resistance Skin technology and 156l volume.

Budget Friendly
Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard


Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard

Special Daggerboard Edition

Special Daggerboard Edition bridging the entry and the freeride world

Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard

EVA Deckpad

Full EVA deck pad - grippy, soft and forgiving - stops just above the rail for longevity

Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard

Thin Rails

Very easy carve gybing with thin rails and wider tail

Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard

Footstrap Options

Footstrap options for progression; from first time in the straps to advanced

Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard


Large planing surface to get you easily through lulls and gybes

Bild des Gecko HRS Daggerboard

Integrated Nose Shield

Integrated Nose Shield for protection from crashes through the mast in early stages



technical details
  1. HRS finish and weight saving graphics
  2. Glass HRS layer
  3. Heel Glass patch
  4. Wood sandwich from tail to center
  5. Glass reinforcement layer
  6. Ultralight fibre layer
  7. Glass rail reinforcement
  8. Super light EPS core

High Resistance composite technology is a durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the hull maximum strength, as well as making it ding and impact resistant. Strategic use of fibre reinforcements ensure adequate stiffness. In combination with the user-friendly EVA deck, HRS can be seen on the standard Gecko, as well as the Viper / Ripper ranges.


Board Volumen Length Width Weight RC.Sailsize Fittings
Gecko HRS Daggerboard 156 156 l 252 cm 85 cm 12 kg (8% TOLERANCE
Up to 11.0 m² Power Box / 34 cm; Daggerboard

Baujahr: 2022
Kategorie: Freeride Beginner/Kids
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