F2 Rodeo 2012

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The leading freestyle board on the market. The F2 Rodeo got his excellent reputation thanks to our team of highly skilled and internationally competing riders like Steven van Broeckhoven. The constant, close work of shaper Dani Aeberli and the teamriders rised the Rodeo to a new level of freestyle board.

This concept of a short board will not only give you the stability and control to learn new and modern manoeuvres super fast but will you also bring into planning so unbelievable early that freestyle becomes more fun in light wind conditions.

Key elements:

  • Short and wide body shape for a absolutely compact feeling in all moves
  • Flat rocker line for early planning
  • Double concave nose to stay in track when sliding backwards
  • Flat V bottom shape for a clean water flow while spinning
  • Volume packed tail for easy backwards sliding
  • Short radical freestyle fin

Rodeo Length
cm / inch
cm / inch

90 225 60 90 6,2 Freestyle 18 PB
98 225 63 98 6,3 Freestyle 20 PB
107 225 67 107 6,4 Freestyle 22 PB

Baujahr: 2012
Versandgewicht: 16,00 Kg