Duotone Power.XT 2.0 2022

The Power XT allows you to set up your sail faster than ever before. The idea of ​​this mast extension is as simple as it is ingenious. The concept of the Power XT combines a classic mast extension with a ratchet system, which is used to tension the luff. The great advantage of this system is that the trimming forces caused by the ratchet lever are significantly lower. The luff can thus be trimmed comfortably while standing, you no longer have to sit down on the ground and pull on your sail with some trimming aids. Even the extremely high downhaul tensions of modern slalom sails can be easily adjusted. The 15 cm long lever and a gear ratio of 1:60 enable trimming without any noticeable effort. In addition, the mechanism of the Power XT is extremely robust and still works like on the first day, even after years, despite sand and salt water.
199,00 €
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