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Aqua Marina Super Trip

Super size, super fun! There are not many active outdoor activities that the whole family can join in.

Super Trip 12'2" enables you to explore even the most remote locations with a partner. Tailored to the needs of two explorers (plus a third small companion with the removal of the central cargo points) who want to carry their kit along with them on their adventure.

Key Features

  • High volume designed for family or heavy loads
  • Two extra pairs of heavy duty nylon handles on rail ensure easy and comfort grip
  • Bow and rear carry handles
  • Tri-fin System: Slide-in center fin with two supported side fins
  • EVA Footpad: Brushed dot grooving with maximum traction and durability




Model Board Size Volume Net Weight Max Payload Max. Air Pressure
Aqua Marina Super Trip BT-18ST 370 x 87 x 15 cm 410 L 12,5 kg 210 kg 18 PSI

Versandgewicht: 6,00 Kg

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