AL 360 E3 Carbon Boom Slalom

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AL360 carbon Slalom 

The pipes of the boom it is of the terminal they are built only in a piece monocoque, without glue inside the parts. Diameter of the pipes minimized to 29, that united a. The new curves è a. The section ergotrigonomic of the pipes, awarding at the structure of the boom an elevated rigidity, and a decrease force at the arms per to allow vast range of colors in the graphics. Breech is handle they are realized in nylon with 20% of elastomero.

New very compact and well integrated handle in the boom without prominence's among the pipes of the boom is the same handle. Raised rigidity it is established on the tree thanks a. the compact system of hook at the mast, operated by two levers that once dams leave the free handle from prominence's.

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